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Welcome to TRIO Rising Scholars

Join us for the TRIO Rising Scholars Gala on Saturday, February 25th!


Come Join Us for TRIO Week!

National TRIO Day is celebrated annually at the end of February and is a way for TRIO students to give back to the University as well as the community.

This year the Boise State TRIO Programs are hosting a TRIO week, which will consist of activities all week long that will culminate on Saturday with the TRIO Day Banquet. The activities are free and we encourage all students to participate! If you are a TRIO student this is a great way to give back, if you are not in TRIO this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about it while also having a great time.

Check out our TRIO Week page for the full schedule of events!


Our Grant Aid Application is now available!

The TRIO Rising Scholars Grant Aid Application is now available. Eligible Freshman and Sophomore students are encouraged to apply. Please submit your application to a TRIO Rising Scholars staff member by March 15th, 2017.

Find out if you are eligible for Grant Aid!

What is TRIO Rising Scholars?

TRIO Rising Scholars (TRS) is a federally funded TRIO Student Support Services grant program located in the heart of Boise State University’s campus in Boise, Idaho. We offer a multi-faceted support unit—offering academic assistance and encouragement for our eligible scholars.  Our goal is to help students achieve earn their four-year degree and develop into scholars that are well prepared for their future careers and/or graduate programs.

Our Mission

We believe students from all socioeconomic backgrounds should have equal opportunity to earn a post-secondary education. We assist students in the transition from being a typical college student to a scholar who is well-connected, engaged, and heading down a path of success.


  • Free individual tutoring for any freshman or sophomore level course.
  • One-on-one advising to keep you on track and connect you to campus resources.
  • Assistance with developing habits that will allow you to be more successful at the college level and beyond.
  • Career and major exploration.
  • Social and cultural opportunities.


To be eligible for TRIO Rising Scholars, students must be:

  • A first-generation college student, or
  • A financially limited college student, or
  • A student with a documented disability.


Please visit our eligibility criteria and application pages. If you feel you, or someone you know, may qualify to be a part of the TRS please click the Apply Now! below. The priority deadline is July 31st for the Fall 2016 semester, so please submit your application and required documents as soon as possible.