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Petya Stoyanova-Johnson

Petya (third from left) enjoying a slushy with UB students.

Petya (third from left) enjoying a slushy with UB students.

Petya is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the Boise State College of Education. She completed her MBA program at the College of Business and Economics in 2008 and has been a TRiO Educational Specialist since then.

Petya loves travelling and learning about cultures and languages. One of her bucket list items is to visit every country in the world. She might settle for 85 percent of the countries.

Petya takes frequent trips in the Idaho mountains, lakes and rivers to recharge her batteries and enjoy her majesty – Mother Nature.

She is the proud mom of a very active and curious 2 year old boy who fills her days with joy and laughter.

What annoys you the most? Why?

My impatience.

State a random fact about yourself.

I am multilingual.

What is something that you like that you keep secret (guilty pleasure)?

I am an open book. No secrets here.

What is your favorite/dream vacation destination? Why?

Yellowstone National Park. There is always something new to see.

What book had the most impact on your life? Why?

Too many to choose from.

What is your slogan for life?

Keep moving and serve others.

What would you do with a million dollars?

I will travel the world.

What really baffles you?

Cultural differences.

What is your favorite film? Why?

Scent of a Woman.

What is your all-time dream?

To stay happy and never stop learning.

What are your likes?

Classic Rock Melodic Metal, cooking, gardening and road trips.