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ACT/SAT Preparation

Image of pencil and scansheet All Test Prep Websites listed below are FREE. You may need to create an account to login with some of the sites, but DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING!

  • Idaho’s SAT webpage:
    FREE for all Idaho High School Juniors (this service normally costs $69.95!). This site gives access to full-length pre-tests, lessons, quizzes, and full-length practice tests.Instructions:
    • Click on the “Get Ready” tab
    • Click on the link “The Official SAT Online Course”
    • Click on the “Register Now” link
    • On the next page, enter your school code in the box. (See list below)
    • Click on “Submit”
    • Sign in using your SAT account login
    • Once logged in, select the “Independent Study” option
    • Click on “Next”
    • Click on “Confirm”
    • Click on “Continue to The Official SAT Online Course

    List of school codes

    Canyon Springs130434
    Frank Church130052
  • CollegeBoard website: Parent organization to AP and SAT. Many college prep and planning resources.
  • SAT website: The Official Question of the Day, sample SAT questions, full SAT practice test (Can enter answers online, online practice test score report, view answer explanations and sample essays)
  • ACT website: Preparing for the ACT, practice test questions, test tips, test descriptions – FREE.
  • March2Success website: Sponsored by the U.S. Army – 7 ACT and SAT practice tests, ACT/SAT flashcards, “Zero Hour” Test prep video game.
  • website: Select Free ACT Prep or SAT prep
  • Khan Academy website:  SAT test prep, Math, Reading, and Writing Practice
  • Veritas Test Prep website: Free college and graduate school test prep resources
  • SmartScholar SAT preparation guide: A collection of links and resources to help you prepare for the SAT