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Teacher Education Interview Information

The following information will be evaluated during the Teacher Education interview:

Presentation (skills)

Content: philosophy and reasons for teaching: Thoughtful response, attention to issues of personal and professional value.  Compelling speaker and insightful communicator; responsive to interview committee questions/comments

Presentation Quality: Prepared, properly paced within time allotted, addressed topics assigned

Materials (knowledge)

Progress in program of study to date: Uses advising, academic quality (letters/support), GPA

Writing Prompt: Demonstrates creativity and critical thinking; appropriate for audience and mechanics/language high quality; organization

Professional Dispositions

Dispositions of Character: Exhibits self-knowledge, integrity, and persistence

Dispositions of Intellect: Exhibits open-mindedness and truthfulness

Dispositions of Care: Exhibits relatedness, responsiveness, civility, and receptivity

The interview will consist of two parts: 1) your prepared statement and 2) faculty questions. Assessment criteria for the interview and writing sample are available through the Teacher Education website. You will present a clear, concise oral statement of no more than EIGHT MINUTES addressing the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to teach?
  2. What goals should a good educator attempt to accomplish with students?
  3. Which areas of professional skills development do you identify as your strengths and which need more work?
  4. What are your future professional goals?

Following your statement presentation, the faculty will discuss with you areas they feel will be most helpful to your professional development. This may involve, but is not limited to, asking questions related to your presentation. A TYPED OUTLINE OF YOUR PREPARED STATEMENT SHOULD BE UPLOADED TO TASKSTREAM AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED INTERVIEW. If you are unable to locate your team leader’s name on the invitation, please contact 426-2708.

Successful completion of the Teacher Education Admission Interview offers you the opportunity to:

  • reflect seriously on the profession of teaching;
  • organize and express your thoughts into a personal goal statement;
  • exhibit professional behavior and temperament; and
  • examine indicators for your future success as an educator.

Be sure to practice your oral statement so you cover everything you hope to in the time allotted. Clarity and organization are key to a successful presentation. Feel free to discuss any aspect of the interview process with your advisor prior to your interview.