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Residential College Program

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Residential College program the Perfect Bridge from Home to Entering the Field of Education

The College of Education launched a living-learning community in fall 2013 with 28 students majoring in education or related fields. This is the fifth living-learning community sponsored by a college in the Residential College Program at Boise State University. Education’s Residential College is located on the third floor of the Clearwater Suites on University Drive opposite the Brady Parking Garage.

Stan Steiner

Stan Steiner

“This community is a huge help for students as they explore their values and dispositions toward becoming a teacher,” said Stan Steiner, literacy chair and the community’s first faculty member in residence. “Students examine their professional goals and receive insights on accomplishing important milestones in the admission process for the Teacher Education Program.”

Student slots for the community include about 10 freshmen, 10 sophomores, 4 juniors and 4 seniors. But the exact mix of students can vary.

Boise State started the Residential College Program in 2004. A faculty member in residence lives with the students in the residence hall in his or her own apartment. The faculty member assists learning through community events and academic initiatives.

The Residential College provides unique environments where select groups of students share common residential and learning experiences. The Residential College creates links between academic, social and residential experiences. Students in each community earn academic credit while the residential faculty members promote innovative teaching.

“Living in the residential college community is a perfect bridge from home to university living to entrance into the field of education,” Steiner said. “While the focus is on academic success, we become a community of learners and friends outside of the classroom experience through shared recreational activities and social events.”

For more information, email, call (208) 447-2201 or (208) 447-1001, or visit the Housing and Residence Life website.