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These rubrics are constructed based on evidenced-based practices for students with high incidence disabilities. We have used research to create items that define the implementation of these practices.  Descriptors for each item are being developed based on raters observation of the characteristics of implementation in the classroom.

General Instruction

Explicit Instruction Rubric

Cognitive Strategy Instruction

Reading Content

Reading for Meaning Rubric

Comprehension Strategy Rubric

Decoding – Letter Sounds and Sounding Out Words Rubric

Vocabulary Instruction Rubric

Word Analysis & Multi-Syllable Decoding Rubric

Mathematics Content

Developing Conceptual Understanding Rubric

Procedure Development Rubric

Fraction Concepts Rubric

Fraction Computations Rubric

Word Problems Solving Rubric

Early Number Sense Development Rubric

Whole Number Sense Development Rubric

Whole Number Computations Rubric

Ratio and Proportion Word Problem Solving Rubric

Algebra Instruction Rubric