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McNair Eligibility

If you are a member of at least one of these two groups, you may qualify to be a McNair Scholar:

1. Low-Income AND First-Generation Students

Your taxable income must be within these ranges. You are a first generation college student if your parents/guardians did not have a four-year degree before you were 18.

2. Students Underrepresented in Doctoral Programs

This includes members of the following groups: African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

Apply Now! Application Deadline is March 30, 2018

Additional requirements:


  • US citizen or permanent residency.
  • Entering the final two years of a Bachelor’s Degree program the fall.
  • Expecting to immediately enter an academic/research graduate program upon graduation (not including professional degrees such as MD, JD, DVM, MBA, etc.).
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 OR demonstrate significant academic progress toward a competitive GPA.