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Success Stories

Karla LyusKarla L. – Community Volunteer

The common theme of classes I enrolled in were those focused on culture, language, refugees, and diversity. These are all real world issues, and ones that we are very much faced with today. Education, and specifically literacy, are our best tools for dealing with these issues, and I hope that this degree puts me in a position to advocate for, and nurture the education of, some of our most vulnerable students. The opportunity to evolve my thinking in relation to these issues, and learn methods to begin working in situations that allow for the opportunity to impact these issues has been invaluable.

Lacey Allen

Lacey A. – 5th Grade Teacher

I have noticed, that many of the themes that I have documented demonstrate the desire to help students gain literacy skills in reading and writing.  The classes that I have completed at Boise State University have helped me grow as an educator and find myself not only as a student, but as a teacher that can help students grow.


Michelle CMichelle C. – 1st Grade Teacher

I am having an awesome experience and learning so much regarding literacy instruction through my masters program.  I love that I can implement all of my learning immediately into the classroom and watch the benefits of my growing pedagogy unfold in our students.  :)  The students deserve good quality teachers.  Thank you for helping me get there!

Justine Mai Justine M.

What I really feel I’ve gained from this program is the knowledge, skills, and confidence to attempt to change things. And change that starts with teachers can be powerful, because it comes from the roots, not the top.  My overall hope is that I’ve become empowered and will use those powers for good, to raise the bar for teachers and students.