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Master’s Courses in Literacy

EDBLESL 506 Multicultural Literature: Promoting Social Justice

EDLTCY 532 Adv. Principles and Practices in Teaching Language Arts and Linguistics

EDLTCY 540 Foundations of Literacy Instruction

EDLTCY 541 Assessment and Instruction: Reading Difficulties K-12

EDLTCY 542 Best Practices in Literacy Improvement

EDLTCY 543 Seminar in Literacy Education

EDLTCY 544 Content Literacy in Secondary School

EDLTCY 545 Writing Processes, Instruction and Assessment, K-8

EDLTCY 546 Advanced Study of Children’s Literature

EDLTCY 547 Advanced Young Adult Literature

EDLTCY 548 Psycholinguistics and Literacy

EDLTCY 549 Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course

EDLTCY 550 Advanced Content Area Literacy

EDLTCY 551 Literacy Leadership

EDLTCY 552 Technology and Literacy

EDLTCY 544 Review of Literacy Processes and Practices

EDLTCY 555 Directing and Supervising Reading Programs

EDLTCY 556 Large Scale Literacy Assessments

EDLTCY 557 Research Base for Contemporary Literacy Curricula

EDLTCY 559 Language, Literacy and Culture

EDLTCY 594 Special Topics in Literacy

EDLTCY 597 Special Topics in Literacy

For more information refer to the Boise State Graduate Catalog (See pgs 129-132 of the 2012-2013 Catalog)