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The Institute for the Study of Addiction

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The Institute at a Glance

The Institute for the Study of Addiction is a joint endeavor of the Colleges of Education and Health Sciences, providing coordinated and complementary information dissemination, training and professional development opportunities, and research and program evaluation services for addictions prevention and treatment professionals and organizations at Boise State and in the community.  Given the insidious foothold of addictions in the American population, the ongoing health risks associated with addictions, and the infusion of government funding available to address these issues, cooperative study of addiction is of vital importance.

The Institute’s three-fold MISSION is to:

  • Enhance opportunities for Boise State addictions-related training in the community, state, and region, and streamline current Boise State programming in addictions and substance abuse prevention and treatment,
  • Expand information dissemination to meet growing needs in the Treasure Valley, state, and region, and
  • Directly contribute to the University’s mission and provide new knowledge through research and program evaluation at Boise State and in the community.

Leadership Team

Dr. Diana Doumas, Director

Dr. Susan Esp, Training Coordinator

Dr. Raissa Miller, Research and Program Evaluation Coordinator

Teri Carrigan, Director of the Idaho Regional Alcohol Drug Awareness Resource Center (RADAR).

Select Research Grants/Contracts

Dr. Diana Doumas, Program Evaluator.  ISA program evaluation contracts with DrugFree Idaho include providing evaluation services for the Drug Free Communities Grant and the Strategic Planning Framework-State Incentive Grant both funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Select Service Grants/Contracts

Teri Carrigan, Director. Primary funding is from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant administered by the Office of Drug Policy. Supportive funding is also received from the Department of Juvenile Corrections, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Tobacco Prevention Program and the Idaho Millennium Fund. Grant funding supports a clearinghouse for substance abuse prevention and addiction treatment print, video and electronic resources and resource referral for citizens residing in the state of Idaho.

Student and faculty Research Awards

The Institute is accepting applications for student and faculty research awards. Research awards are available to support student and faculty travel to present addictions-related research at state, regional, and national conferences. Awards may also be available to support conducting addictions-related research.

To-date, the Institute has also produced the following:

  • 20+ faculty addiction publications with over 15 student-co-authored
  • 25+ faculty addiction presentations
  • 13 Institute Research Awards supporting more than 25 students’ research, totaling $4000

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