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Resources | Social Media


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to make connections surrounding different topics. Teachers, principals, board members, and superintendents can find colleagues, make network connections to be used in the future, and ask experts questions on different topics. LinkedIn also offers discussions on current research and allows people to voice their opinions on different topics.

Twitter can be used in a variety of ways in and outside of the classroom. Teachers can send out updates on when class assignments are due and when exams will be given, allowing students to be prepared for class and not getting behind. Enabling students to reply to the class Twitter feed encourages class discussion outside of the classroom. Teachers can also host a discussion with authors and politicians via Twitter with their students. Who knew?

Schoolology is a combination  social media and learning management platform that allows for two-way communication between students and teachers. The platform allows its users to find condensed resources on different topics such as finding colleges, taking online courses, etc.

Collaborize Classroom is a web-based collaboration platform that allows for instant communication, real-time feedback through the use of questions, polls, etc, an online resource network, and a grading database. A great way to stay connected with peers and students.

Edmodo is a free learning management system and social networking site for educators. The site allows for web-based grading, safe interaction with students, and networking with other teachers. Not only that, but parents can access their kids’ grades and attendance records, as well as view assignments and discussions. An excellent way to incorporate social media into the classroom experience.

The Educator’s PLN is a ning-based personal learning network for teachers. The site offers podcasts for its members on different subjects ranging from teacher evaluations to progressive education. There are also blogs for superintendents and principals to connect and discuss topics.

The social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and social media in education. The website offers tags on the side of the page where people can look up how to do a variety of things from blogging to podcasts. Great resource for support and new ideas.