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TeachIdaho is a professional development organization for teachers, whose goal is to bring teachers together via informal social gatherings and on-line interactions in order to collaborate, share and learn from each other.


“So many good things are happening in education, and by partnering, we can reach a larger audience so much faster. TeachIdaho and Idaho Leads together can present best practices to teachers across the state, offer a place to continue the discussions, and facilitate learning from each other and collaborate across many different educational landscapes.” — Kali Kurdy, founder of TeachIdaho


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Idaho Technology Council


The Idaho Technology Council’s mission is to become the premiere member-driven technology association dedicated to fostering the growth of technology companies in the state of Idaho, primarily in the areas of information technology, agriscience and energy.  The ITC provides a valuable forum for industry, research, investors, government and educators throughout the state.  It advocates for a strong technology ecosystem and a high quality, high-paid workforce.


“There is so much congruency with the Idaho Technology Council and the Idaho Leads Project. We both need to be sure to stay on the cutting edge with technology. But we also both recognize that the soft skills – collaborations, persuasion, and leadership – will help train leaders to be able to affect change in the future.”
— Jay Larsen, president and founder of the Idaho Tech Council


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Idaho School Boards Association


The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) is a non-profit, service organization providing policy services, legislative advocacy, leadership support and quality, cost-efficient board training to association members.  Representing more than 500 locally elected school board members throughout Idaho, ISBA strives to improve public education for all Idahoans through the continued development of community leaders.

 Karen Echeverria

“The Idaho Leads Project has knocked down the barrier between school board members and teachers and allows them to work together on a team. The ability to get together and network will be a huge piece of adding success for our students.”
— Karen Echeverria, executive director of the Idaho School Boards Association


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Idaho Association of School Administrators

IASA logo

The IASA’s mission is to unify the voice of Idaho’s educational leaders by leading, advocating and partnerships.  Our organization provides opportunities for networking, professional learning and legislative advocacy.  Together with the Idaho Leads Project, the IASA’s goals of lead, advocate and partner can be founded by uniting Idaho’s educators.

Rob Winslow3 

“Our members are practitioners; they live within the communities.  So they always have to filter whatever reform act comes through for the community they represent to make sure it compliments their objectives and goals.  The Idaho Leads Project matches our members with their community so they’re able to solve this process together.”
— Rob Winslow, executive director of the Idaho Association of School Administrators


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Idaho Business Coalition for Education Excellence

IBCEE jpeg

Idaho Business for Education is a not-for-profit organization comprising business leaders who share a common goal — better education in Idaho. IBE members from around Idaho are committed to ensuring that today’s students are ready for tomorrow’s jobs.

 Skip Oppenheimer

“We’re excited about the Idaho Leads Project because it captures the basic principles of the Idaho Business Education and advances them in what we think is one of the most important areas: to grow and improve the quality of education in this state.” — Skip Oppenheimer, IBE chairman and CEO and chairman of Oppenheimer Companies, Inc.


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Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry


The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry is an influential force in Idaho politics.  IACI represents every facet of business and industry in the state; often called the voice of business. Education has become a priority for IACI because an education system resulting in an educated workforce will create a productive, well-trained work force, enhancing the state’s economic vitality.  Business has a stake not only in the process and delivery of education, but in the quality of educators participating in the education system.

A LaBeau web photo 

“We are very interested in how education plays into the overall role of prosperity by improving the quality and the opportunity, and giving our businesses a better chance to succeed by offering a highly educated workplace.”
— Alex LaBeau, president of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry


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Idaho Voices for Children

Idaho Voices for Children resolves problems facing Idaho’s children in the areas of health, education, safety and family economic security. We build coalitions, engage on a wide variety of issues that cover the well-being of the total child and we search for solutions that can be supported regardless of ideology. IVC works toward all children arriving at adulthood ready to succeed as individuals, in families, and in the workforce.

“At Idaho Voices for Children, our vision is to create an environment where all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. This vision works perfectly alongside Idaho Leads Project’s determination to help all students succeed. We work to elevate children as a policy priority; Idaho Leads is working to make sure children are given valuable education resources to prepare them for the rest of their lives.” 
— LeAnn Simmons, executive director of Idaho Voices for Children