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Mileposts Regional Meetings

Register below for your regional meeting by clicking on the date of the meeting.

Region 1 – Coeur d’Alene: September 19th , November 30th and April 19th
Region 2 – Lewiston: September 9th , December 1st, and April 20th
Region 3 – Boise: September 2nd, November 28th and April 10th
Region 4 – Twin Falls: September 21st, December 5th and April 17th
Region 5 – Pocatello: October 11th, December 9th and April 26th
Region 6 – Idaho Falls: October 12th, December 8th and April 27th


Rural School Network 2016-2017


Something pretty special is happening with our schools–an Idaho Rural Schools Network is launching. Join with other district and school leaders, teachers and staff members from across Idaho as we discuss current initiatives, find solutions to common rural challenges, gain new resources, and learn from the expertise in other schools.

Join by clicking the link below or email us at for more information!

Join the Network Today!


#Expect Success | Jerome Teacher Support

amy_haltermanAmy Halterman teaches 6th grade Western Civilizations at Jerome Middle School. Halterman participated in the Jerome Teacher Support Program last year as a new teacher to the district, which was a support service provided by the Leads Learning Network. The Leads Network, as part of its support to districts and teachers, is circling back to those teachers, and sharing some of their ideas and plans for the first few weeks of school.

Halterman didn’t hesitate when asked about her goals, (more…)

Building Dreams One Day at a Time…

As educators across the state prepare their lessons, their classrooms, and their teaching hearts for the start of school, the groundwork for expectations is in the works.

Kasha_Alternative_School_Cassia_Jaysa Fillmore is the Agriscience Instructor and FFA Advisor at Cassia High School. The effectiveness of her lessons depend on her demonstrations that are designed to shift kids into the “Ag Mind Set.” She teaches students about soil using an Inquiry Hook, Dave Burgess-style. “I use a large glass jar and fill it with big stones. I ask them, ‘Can anything else fit in the jar?’ The kids just look at me and shake their heads ‘Nope.’ (more…)

Sustainable Collaboration is a Team Sport

1000x1000_how-to-implement-a-culture-of-collaboration-and-communication (1)There have been many articulate discussions debating the differences between data collection and data analysis.  What do educators actually do with data in each scenario?  To add to the layers of complexity, there are intentional moves to clarify the difference between “teacher collaboration” and “teacher cooperation.”  Who knew! (more…)