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Leads Learning Network Team Members

The Leads Learning Network team is committed to improving education in Idaho.  If you haven’t had a chance to get to know the team, take a moment to get to know the team, and say hi the next time you see them; and of course, if you need any help feel free to get in touch with any member of the team!

Dr. Heather Williams

Dr. Heather Williams is smiling for one big, important reason – she loves her work!  She is an assistant professor of Educational Leadership at Boise State University. She teaches courses for superintendent certification and coordinates Boise State’s program in Executive Educational Leadership.  She is also the director of the Leads Learning Network.  Heather has spent a lifetime serving Idaho public education, twenty-five of them teaching, coaching, fulfilling the roles of a building administrator, curriculum director, and superintendent.   Heather implemented vertical teams among her staff, and led her district to many innovative awards along with unprecedented student achievement results.  She is a believer in collaboration and networks to improve our education system and better serve our students.

Heather has always practiced “family first” which is evident by the way she travels, which is usually with a trailer load of horses and truck cab full of family.  She loves to cook, is a sports fan, avid horse lover, and a relentless cheerleader for her sons and husband.  She and her husband Travis raise cattle and horses, and are both Idaho natives.

Janet Williamson

Janet Williamson is passionate about learning and teaching and is dedicated to inspiring other educators to be curious learners of their own craft.  Using data to inform instruction is one of the ways she helps teachers make targeted decisions about curriculum, pacing, learning goals, and classroom management. She is a 22-year veteran of the classroom and a National Board Certified teacher.  She enjoys scented markers, pencils and pencil sharpeners, and is generally, a geek about schools and schooling.

When Janet isn’t “clogging her way through the hallways of schools” she enjoys writing papers for her Ed.S. degree, riding her rope horse, and training for her next half marathon.

Joel Eskelsen

Joel Eskelsen is our creative problem-solver, technology-innovationist, and our collaborative- cornerstone.  He is responsible for keeping the Leads digital presence fresh and interesting, and delivering digital and academic services in school districts.

Before joining Leads Learning Network, as a Technology Director, his district was selected as one of the top 5 small school districts (under 2500 students) in the nation in the National School Board Association’s “Digital School Districts” survey.  Joel is passionate about helping teachers and students be successful with technology and data.  Joel’s favorite tidbit of advice, “Incorporate technology into instruction when and where it makes sense, and not to incorporate tech for tech’s sake.”

When Joel isn’t answering the calls for his expertise in schools, he can be found in the Sawtooth Mountains hiking and camping with his family.  He is known for having the amazing ability of  finding a “burger and fries pit stop” in the middle of Idaho’s hinterlands.