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Most districts use their Professional Development funds, Title II funds, Title I funds, and SIG funds to pay for services from Leads Learning Network.

Mileposts Users Network

Our focus is on developing the capacity of educators and connecting them to the data in meaningful ways.  Mileposts trainings are free for Idaho Mileposts users for the 2016-2017 school year.

Instructional Coaching

Research indicates that teachers who receive no induction services are just as likely to leave the field within the first year as teachers who receive basic induction supports, defined as having a mentor and supportive communication with their principal or department chair.  Therefore, it is important to consider supports beyond just providing a mentor to ensure better teacher quality and lower turnover.

Although the principal’s role is to be an instructional leader, the principal wears other hats and is responsible for formally evaluating teacher performance. The evaluative role can, at some point, short-circuit the learning aspect of observation and feedback.

Instructional Coaching services strengthen classroom instruction and increase teacher retention. New teachers, alternate route or ABCTE teachers, and even veteran teachers deserve the very best support to build their teaching practice. The intended outcome – increase the efficacy and number of teachers retained in the district and increase student achievement. Further goals include: to provide relevant resources; a space to collaborate, solve problems, and voice concerns; to provide support and professional development; to enhance and expand teaching strategies inside the classroom; and provide formative feedback to improve practice.  Our coaches focus on developing teachers as effective, independent practitioners who contribute to high-performing school communities and are engaged teachers in meaningful, self-reflective work that sheds light on:
  1. Instructional strategies that impact student achievement,
  2. Instructional Rounds and the value of Focused Observations,
  3. A clear understanding of the Idaho Frameworks for Teaching,
  4. How data informs instruction and strategies to collaborate with clarity,
Cost: $1500 per teacher per year

These services include:

  • Access to a team of high performance instructional coaches from Boise State;
  • 8 face-to-face, personalized, professional learning experiences;
  • Customized, 24/7 on-line resources and virtual coaching;
  • Demonstration and co-teaching development practices;
  • Formative feedback on classroom observations aligned with the Idaho Framework for Teaching based on Charlotte Danielson’s work;
  • Development of communication and collaboration skills;
  • Identification of factors impacting teacher retention in your specific school or district.

Deep Dive Into Danielson & The Idaho Frameworks for Teacher Evaluations

This workshop is targeted towards Idaho teachers. We provide active engagement and learning about the domains, the educator portfolio, self-evaluation, and annual individualized professional learning plans.

Participants will dive deep into the critical elements of each component so they can gather artifacts and provided quality evidence for each component. The intended outcome is for educators to have a deeper understanding of the frameworks, the laws regarding the Career Ladder, ideas about artifacts and evidence that will provide insight into the educator’s effectiveness and allow for collaborative conversations around the practice of teaching in Idaho.

1/2 day workshop

Groups 60-100 $3000
Groups 100-175 $4500
Groups less than 60 $75 per participant

Supervision & Evaluation Using The Framework For Teacher Evaluations

This course focuses on the critical role of effective instructional supervision and evaluation in the development of positive school culture, while providing a theoretical and practical overview of the supervision and evaluation requirements in Idaho. The course is designed to meet the requirements of Idaho Code 33-1204. Locations and times TBD based on enrollees, course offered fall, spring, and summer.

As a result of active participation in this course, participants will:

  1. Increase their overall understanding of the Idaho Framework for Teacher Evaluations.
  2. Increase their understanding of laws, rules, and policies related to teacher evaluations in Idaho.
  3. Increase their knowledge and use of observation tools such as Danielson’s Framework and other observation tools.
Cost is $330 for the 3 credit course.

Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions are fast paced, small group (less than 20), job-embedded professional learning experiences. Let one of our team members help ignite the conversations and provide a playlist of resources for your team meetings, staff meetings, department meetings or anywhere a collaborative conversation needs to occur around teaching and learning. Jam Sessions are usually focused around one topic such as: Data-driven Instruction; motivation; assessment; technology integration; manageable differentiation; RTI/MTSS; reluctant learners; grading; whatever educational topic a group is grappling with – let us do the research and facilitate the crucial conversations to advance teaching and learning in your school.


  • Professional Development Playlist – articles, videos, forums, blogs, podcasts, book study ideas, and more!
  • Google+ forum for networking and sharing Best Practices to promote state-wide collaboration.
  • Personal Learning Networks – architecture to start your own teacher-leader networks,
  • Written “Power Scripts” that are catalysts to propel learners and teachers into high gear.
Logistics and Opportunities:

Jam Sessions can be parcelled into 45 minute sessions.
A bundle of three sessions = $300 (same day, same building)
A four hour block = $500
A full day = $1,000

Creative ways to use the blocks of time might include:
Building “Drop In” sessions – three school sites with various drop in times in one day; single location and a full day of accessibility; lesson study approach with side-by-side teaching and coaching demonstrations for teams; Instructional Round-style learning focused on a problem of practice.

Students who are engaged in their work are energized by success, curiosity, originality, and satisfying relationships. How do we cultivate these drives in the classroom?  This workshop explores current theories and evidence-based practices regarding motivation, grit, engagement, and resilience. We structured this learning session to make it  tractionable in the classroom.

Essential Questions:

  • How can we create optimal classroom conditions for learning?
  • How can we cultivate students’ own motivation to learn?
  • How do assessments encourage or crush the human will to keep trying?
  • How can feedback on learning help grow “grittier”  students?

Educators leave with ready-to-use strategies to create optimal classroom conditions and practices that motivate students for learning.