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Expect Success

Today’s teachers, administrators, parents, and students find themselves in a period of unprecedented challenge and opportunity. Education is rapidly changing: new technologies, policies, and standards are shifting how and when learning happens, as well as what students are expected to know and do. Clearly, this is an exciting time to be learning. However, as Rob Mancabelli and Will Richardson write, “To prepare students to flourish in this new learning world, schools will need to transform themselves in important ways” (2011).

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We believe that this transformation requires outstanding leaders at every level of the school system. These leaders radically transform the way their schools utilize technology to facilitate meaningful learning. They capitalize on the opportunities presented by new policies and standards. They seek out what’s working in education and replicate those practices in their local context. Most importantly, they act on the truth that strong relationships are at the heart of any sustainable improvement effort.

Idaho Leads is committed to building this kind of leadership capacity in Idaho’s public schools. We believe that by supporting leaders and providing them with outstanding tools and training, we can partner with Idaho’s educators to transform our schools into places that prepare all students to succeed in the 21st century. 

We see the challenges. We know the opportunities. It’s time to lead.