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Inspirational Teachers – there are educators and then there are classroom heroes: those transmitters of inspiration who transform lives, stir souls and enable minds to flourish. Here are a few testimonials to the fact that great teachers make a difference.


Castleford’s Teacher Hero

Canyon Springs Alternative High School staff hosted Idaho’s first Alternative School Leaders Network meeting on their campus in Caldwell, Idaho on October 15th. CSAHS teacher Jessica Figueroa was in charge of explaining the logistics and bright spots of CSAHS’s after-school … (Read More) Castleford’s Teacher Hero

#TeacherHeroes Thursday |Dr. Wiley Dobbs

Teachers plan, assess, network, collaborate, tweet, differentiate, and study the testing bar graphs to measure if what they’re doing in the classroom is actually making a positive difference for students. But there are critical data points, beyond the right clicks … (Read More) #TeacherHeroes Thursday |Dr. Wiley Dobbs

Luisa Lowry’s #TeacherHeroes

Luisa Lowry, special education teacher, Sacajawea Elementary School, Caldwell School District Q: Who is the teacher who inspired you to learn and to teach? A: Can I have two? My grandmother worked in Jordan Valley school system….I lived with her … (Read More) Luisa Lowry’s #TeacherHeroes

#TeacherHeroes | Mr. Edmund Boyce

Mr. Buck Day is a traveller. On the first day of school at Hansen High School, history students in Mr. Day’s class may not know they’re in the presence of a teacher who is a former professor, former academic dean … (Read More) #TeacherHeroes | Mr. Edmund Boyce

#TeacherHeroes | Julienne Slaughter

Candace Hurst teaches English, reading, and speech at Mt. Harrison Jr.-Sr. Alternative High School Q: Who inspired you to teach? A: I grew up extremely poor. My mother scrimped and saved to send me to YMCA for all the summer … (Read More) #TeacherHeroes | Julienne Slaughter