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Luisa Lowry’s #TeacherHeroes

#TeacherHeroesLuisa Lowry, special education teacher, Sacajawea Elementary School, Caldwell School District

Q: Who is the teacher who inspired you to learn and to teach?

A: Can I have two? My grandmother worked in Jordan Valley school system….I lived with her and I went to school with her every day even when I was too young for kindergarten. It was a two-room school house outside of Jordan Valley. Mrs. Richards taught kindergarten and first grade and she is the reason I became a teacher. I wasn’t supposed to be there but she always welcomed me.

The other one was my high school social studies teacher, Miss Douglas. She expected a high quality level of work, and she made it so you could reach that high quality. If you bent over backwards for her she did the for same you. It was the first time I was challenged in school and I knew what success looked like. She actually taught my mom, my aunt, my uncle….she’s still teaching at Jordan Valley High School.

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