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#TeacherHeroes | Julienne Slaughter

Candace Hurst teaches English, reading, and speech at Mt. Harrison Jr.-Sr. Alternative High School

#TeacherHeroesQ: Who inspired you to teach?

A: I grew up extremely poor. My mother scrimped and saved to send me to YMCA for all the summer classes in ballet, dance, and art. I began playing piano and viola, and then I met my fairy godmother; yes, they do exist. Her name was Julienne Slaughter.

She was my viola teacher for 10 years.  It was not just music she taught me, though.  It was self worth and compassion.  She saw to it that I went on every single invitational outing that the high school (Twin Falls) orchestra attended, regardless of the money my mother did not have.  She always pushed an envelope with money in it into my hands when the orchestra left on busses. She made sure I had the fabric for the orchestra dresses, and she saw to it that I learned to present myself with the class without being snotty.

This is why I teach. I teach to give back to other young women and men and continue to give daily through my understanding of opera, music, dance, art, and the poetry of giving and caring for another person.

I want to instill in them the desire to become just a bit more than they think they can be and in turn, inspire their own children to go a bit further.

I teach today to change tomorrow.



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