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Idaho Technology Council

The Idaho Leads Project is dedicated to promoting leadership capacity, sharing best practices and providing professional development to help bring schools into the 21st century.  Paralleling that effort with the business world is the Idaho Technology Council (ITC).

The ITC is a member-driven technology association dedicated to fostering the growth of technology companies in Idaho to help create a technology ecosystem and a highly paid workforce.

The ITC is interested in efforts that support and cultivate a generation of leaders who will become the workforce of tomorrow.   The Idaho Leads Project squarely meets that definition.

“The Idaho Leads Project is working to optimize technology in the classroom, which means those learnings will be transferred to the workplace,” Larsen said.  “They are also working with educators to make sure our students graduate with the tangible soft skills to be successful in the workplace of today – and tomorrow.  The knowledge economy needs an employee base that can lead and communicate.  The  Idaho Leads Project will greatly help in this regard.”

The ITC hopes the Idaho Leads Project team will help participating districts make the connection between the classrooms of today to the jobs of tomorrow.  While understanding and adapting to ever changing technology is necessary, having a grasp on ideas like leadership, innovation and collaboration—which never change—is equally as valuable.

“There are two ways to create companies; you can import them, or you can build your own.  We need classrooms that reflect the ways kids need to think in today’s world and workplace—technology is key to that,” Larsen said.

To learn more about the Idaho Technology Council, visit their website, view their calendar for upcoming events, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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