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Idaho Association of School Administrators

Administrators are the CEOs of their schools.  They hold great responsibility, are key decision makers and need the right tools and support to be successful.  The Idaho Association of School Administrators (IASA) is an umbrella group focused on providing the necessary support to school administrators.

The IASA is a partner of the Idaho Leads Project, and while several dozen IASA members are part of the Job-Alike Networks, a main goal of IASA is to make sure its member superintendents and principals not participating the Network have access to the same information, training, networking and sharing of best practices.   This is critical to ensuring that administrators uniformly have the resources they need to build high performing schools where all students succeed.

“The Idaho Leads Project is exciting to our members.  We have limited resources in the state right now, at the same time we have school reform initiatives that have identified technology as a focus,” said IASA executive director Rob Winslow.  “The Idaho Leads Project works directly with our members to build the leadership capacity necessary to manage this enormous change, and ultimately raise student achievement across Idaho.”

With technology, tools and methods are continually evolving. The Idaho Leads Project is helping administrators keep up with current research and find support.  With this aid, the schools should be able to drill down and ensure education initiatives will directly help the students.  At the same time, Idaho Leads is helping members of the IASA connect with community members to find new perspectives and mutually-agreed upon solutions.

“Our members are practioners, they live within the communities.  It is their job to engage their communities in conversations around innovation and change, and to find alignment with their goals and objectives.   The Idaho Leads Project brings these key groups together to facilitate this process and address these new challenges collaboratively.”

To learn more about the IASA visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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