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OCTOBER 2017: Technical Report on Measurement of Physical Activity

Technical Report PDFThis report describes a validation study to compare the data obtained via low-cost accelerometers worn by students during the school day, versus results from ActiGraph research-grade devices. Results confirm reliability and validity of these devices for measuring step counts.


 JULY 2016: Report on school fundraisers

School Fundraising Policies and Practices: A Shifting Landscape PDFWith support from Healthy Eating Research (a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), we conducted a study to examine changes in fundraising policies and practices at schools across the country. Many schools are making great strides in improving fundraising practices by switching away from junk-food types of events. This report examines the factors that have been associated with school-level implementation of healthier fundraising practices.


JANUARY 2016: Report on school meals

let's do lunch flyer PDFWith support from the RIDGE program (part of USDA), we examined changes in student participation in lunch programs over the past few years. This important program provides nutritious meals for millions of children each year. This technical report examines changes in meal pricing, participation, and school- and district-level factors associated with lunch participation rates.


OCTOBER 2015: Our first research brief!

HealthySchools Brief PDFPlease check out our new research brief on student participation in the National School Lunch Program. Although lunch participation rates had dropped for a few years, recent data from California show rebounding student participation rates, and higher numbers of meals served, during the 2014-15 school year. This research brief examines trends before and after the revised USDA meal standards.


JANUARY 2015: School nutrition research gets publicity

Perceived reactions of elementary school students to changes PDFIn the past few years, the nutritional quality of school meals has significantly improved, due to new federal standards to increase fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other changes to improve nutrition. School nutrition staff have worked hard to implement the updated standards, but it wasn’t clear how the meals were being received by students. In August 2014, Lindsey published a first-of-its-kind study showing that seventy percent of elementary school leaders nationwide reported that students generally like the healthier school lunches that rolled out in fall 2012. She was quoted by Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time magazine, ScienceDaily, and other national publications.