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Required Courses and Research and Program Evaluation Requirements

Required Courses (66 credits)

Cognate in Counselor Education and Supervision Courses:

COUN 602: Advanced Theories and Research in Counseling3 credits
COUN 607: Advanced Career Development and Vocational Counseling3 credits
COUN 609: Advanced Culturally Aware3 credits
COUN 611: Advanced Family Systems3 credits
COUN 612: Research and Program Evaluation in Counseling2 credits
COUN 613: Advanced Group Counseling3 credits
COUN 614: Advanced Practicum (clinical work 50 clock-hours)2 credits
COUN 616: Advanced Practicum (clinical work 50 clock-hours)2 credits
COUN 624: Advanced Supervision3 credits
COUN 626: Doctoral Internship (300 clock-hours)3 credits
COUN 628: Doctoral Internship (300 clock-hours)3 credits
COUN 592: Portfolio2 credits
Total32 credits

Research and Statistics Courses:

EDU 556: Multiple Regression in Education Research OR3 credits
EDU 555: Analysis of Variance in Educational
EDU 650: Analysis of Research Perspectives3 credits
EDU 652: Quantitative Approaches to Research3 credits
EDU 653: Qualitative Approaches to Research3 credits
Total12 credits

Education Courses:

EDU 610: The American Culture and the Context of Schooling3 credits
EDU 611: School Culture and the Problems of Change3 credits
EDU 660: Learning and Cognition3 credits
EDU 662: Curriculum3 credits
Total12 credits

Additional Research and Program Evaluation Requirements:

  1. Submit a program proposal to at least one state, regional, or national conference
  2. Submit a paper to either a professional journal (or newsletter)
  3. Write a grant proposal for research, program enhancement, and/or program development
  4. Create and implement a program evaluation design