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Application Procedures

Department of Counselor Education Doctoral Program Pre-Admissions Process

The Department will select candidates to endorse for a formal application to the Graduate College.  All interested individuals need to submit their materials to be considered for endorsement (see list below) to the Department of Counselor Education by February 15.  The formal application (only for the candidates chosen for endorsement) is due March 1st.

To apply for endorsement candidates must submit the following materials to Kristin Batten ( or via US mail to the address found on our website:

  1. Unofficial transcripts of graduate work demonstrating student has completed a 60-hour Masters Degree in Counselor Education
  2. A cover letter discussing:
    • A description of professional experiences and the relevance of those experiences to doctoral study in education
    • A statement of career goals
    • A statement of interest in a particular area of specialization (i.e., counselor education and supervision). In other words, why you would like to pursue a doctoral education with our department and how our unique program will be a good fit for your professional goals.
    • A description of research interests that overlap with faculty research areas.
    • Please indicate if you would like to be considered for a graduate assistantship position.
  3. Complete and Updated Curriculum Vita
  4. Three professional or academic letters of reference that specifically address applicant’s self-awareness and emotional stability.
  5. GRE scores

After an initial screening, applicants will be interviewed by two or more faculty members. Interviews will be 30 minutes and in-person on campus. They will be conducted during the third week of February. Candidates will be informed of the disposition of their application by March 1.

Once a candidate is endorsed she/he will apply to the College of Education and Graduate College. Please note that GRE scores will be required. The procedures below are from Boise State University’s College of Education website:


Admission Policies and Procedures

Applicants for the doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction must be admitted to both the Graduate College and to the Ed.D. in the College of Education at Boise State University.

Application to the Graduate College

  1. Complete the Application for Admission to the Graduate College (
  2. Send official scores for the Graduate Record Examination
    • (For information about taking the test please call the GRE, GMAT Testing Center – ProMetric at 208.321.7422)
    • A minimum composite score of 1000 (verbal, quantitative) on old GRE test or composite score of 300 (verbal, quantitative) on new GRE test or above is strongly recommended.
  3. Send Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate coursework
    • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all previous graduate work is required
    • A Master’s Degree in a field related to education or the functional equivalent (e.g., work experience and a minimum of 33 graduate credits) is also required

Application to the Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction Program

At the same time, applicants must submit the following materials to:

Doctoral Program Admissions, College of Education
Boise State University,
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725-1746

  1. A letter of application which includes
    • A description of professional experiences and the relevance of those experiences to doctoral study in education
    • A statement of career goals
    • A statement of interest in a particular area of specialization (i.e., educational leadership, mathematics education, counselor education, special education, bilingual education, kinesiology, or literacy)
  2. A professional resume or vitae
  3. A recent sample of scholarly and/or professional writing
    • (e.g., Master’s thesis or project, scholarly papers or publications, project reports, grant proposals, etc.)
  4. Three letters of reference attesting to the applicant’s:
  5. Aptitude for and commitment to their doctoral study in education
    • Professional effectiveness
    • Potential for influencing education
    • Scholarly abilities and dispositions
    • Personal and professional integrity
    • Any other relevant information.

Admission Dates

An interview is required (may be arranged via video-call if appropriate).  The interview will be arranged once a student’s application file is complete.

The Doctoral Management Committee reviews complete applications for admission to summer, fall, or spring terms, according to the schedule below.