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Graduate Certificate in Secondary/K-12 Teaching

The Graduate Certificate in Secondary/K-12 Teaching is a rigorous, accelerated pre-professional program leading to initial certification. Students who have a bachelor’s degree in the field they wish to teach and who meet Graduate College admission requirements may enroll in a Graduate Certificate program that prepares students to qualify for teacher certification from the Idaho State Department of Education, although some credits may also be applied to a master’s degree program that follows the certification program. Advising and review of transcripts will be done by the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies (CIFS).  Students seeking secondary (6-12) or K-12 (in Art or Music) certification in an approved area must be enrolled
in an approved program.

Certification in Secondary and K-12 Education

Candidates for secondary teacher certification must complete either an approved single endorsement of at least 45 credits or a 30 credit primary endorsement area and one or more supplemental endorsements of at least 20 credits.  Some content areas require specific courses within those totals Idaho State certification requirements can be found at A degree in a subject may not necessarily include the specific content and courses required for certification. The program does not include elementary (K-8) certification nor certification in Special Education.

Available Approved Endorsements
Information regarding the required Praxis II exams for each endorsement area can be found at

Amer. Government/Political Science
Art, 6-12 or K-12 ***
Biological Science
Earth Science
Foreign Language: French
Foreign Language: German
Foreign Language: Spanish

Music, 6-12 or K-12**
Natural Science*
Physical Science*

*Only supplemental endorsements possible in these areas; you must also have a primary 30 credit endorsement at a minimum.

**Candidates for Music endorsement must audition for the Music Department prior to application.  To obtain a Music K-12 endorsement, you must take an elementary and secondary methods course.

***To obtain an Art K-12 endorsement, you must take an elementary and secondary methods course.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The first Friday of February.  Courses typically start in mid-May each year (Summer term). Regular admission requires meeting all criteria including passing all content courses and tests at the time of application. Provisional admission may be granted if course work or test scores are completed during the spring semester.

Applicants complete both procedures listed below.

Application Procedures:

An applicant should follow the general application procedures for graduate degree-seeking students on-line at  The link for this program is under “Secondary/K-12 Teaching.”

Admission Requirements: Prior to admission, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, and the equivalent of 45-semester credit major, or a 30-credit major and at least one 20-credit endorsement, with a minimum 3.00 GPA in the major and minor endorsement fields,
  • a passing score on the appropriate PRAXIS II examination in major and minor fields – PRAXIS examination information available at: The PRAXIS II examinations are administered several times a year.  Passing scores must be received before applicants can be admitted. Applicants should take the appropriate PRAXIS II examination(s) no later than January.
  • evidence of technology competency, which could include EDTECH 202; or equivalent course or examination,
  • Criminal Background Check/Fingerprinting: All students must complete a Criminal History Check prior to being permitted in the Secondary/K-12 Graduate Certificate program. Applicants should visit the Office of Teacher Education (E722) and pick up a fingerprint card and further instructions related to the criminal background check. Once the fingerprint card is completed applicants must return the completed card and a $32 fee for the background check (check or money order ONLY made out to the Idaho State Department of Education) to the Office of Teacher Education (E722). These items must be submitted before a decision can be made regarding your acceptance. Checks or money orders not made out to the Idaho State Department of Education will be returned and will delay your application.
  • a brief (1-2 page) essay describing your decision to become a teacher and the personal and professional goals you hope to achieve. A copy of this will be given to the supervisor and cooperating teacher, and
  • two letters of recommendation, describing applicant’s experience working with children or schools.

All PRAXIS test scores must be sent to the Office of Teacher Education.  Once the applicant’s file is complete, the Office of Teacher Education will schedule an interview.  Upon successful completion of the interview, the Graduate Certificate Program Coordinator will make an admission recommendation to the Graduate College.   Meeting the application requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Admission recommendations will be based upon a review of the student’s transcripts, letters of recommendation, essay and interview. In the case of a recommendation for provisional admission, the Coordinator will also establish the stipulations that must be satisfied in order to be granted regular status.  Admitted students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 and all required courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C.

Certificate Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Secondary/K-12 Teaching

 Course Number and TitleCredit
SummerED-CIFS 507 Foundations of American Education
ED-CIFS 508 Learning and Development of Students
ED-CIFS 509 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Grades 6-12
FallED-ESP 550
Teaching Secondary Students with Exceptional Needs
ED-LLC 544
Content Literacy in Secondary Schools
Professional Year I  (field experience, can
be variable credit)
Content-specific methods courses(s)
Course may have prerequisites in addition to the admission requirements



SpringED-CIFS 550 Seminar On Teaching and Learning
ED-CIFS 565 (grades 6-9) or 566 (grades 9-12) Professional Year II (16 weeks of student teaching)


Submit a completed Proposed Plan of Study for a Graduate Certificate and apply for graduation on BroncoWeb before obtaining the recommendation of the Certification Officer for the Boise State University College of Education (using the required certification materials available in the Office of Teacher Education, E722).

 For additional information, contact Dr. Sara Hagenah at 

Graduate Certificate Program Informational Sessions:



Graduate Certificate Program 

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