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Graduate Certificate in Teaching: Elementary Pathway (K-8)

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Julianne A. Wenner:

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A Graduate Certificate in Teaching – Elementary Pathway student teaching science.

Do You Want to Become a Certified Elementary Teacher in Idaho?

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching is a rigorous, accelerated pre-professional program leading to initial teacher certification. The Elementary Pathway allows students who have a Bachelor’s Degree and who meet Graduate College admission requirements to enroll in this Graduate Certificate program that prepares students to qualify for K-8 teacher certification from the Idaho State Department of Education. Select credits from certification program may be applied to a Master’s Degree program that requires separate application to desired Master’s program. Advising and review of transcripts is conducted by faculty in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies (CIFS).

Elementary candidates are required to complete one minor elementary-approved endorsement of at least 20 credits. Some content areas require specific courses within those totals. See program coordinator for a list of approved endorsements for the Elementary Pathway. Note that a degree in a subject may not necessarily include the specific content and courses required for certification.

Why Choose Boise State Teacher Preparation Programs?

According to the “Best Education School Rankings” for 2020 by U.S. News & World Report, Boise State University’s College of Education is ranked ranked in the top 30 of public universities. When rankings are reorganized according to regional areas, Boise State’s College of Education is in the top 3 for both the Intermountain West and the Northwest. You can read more about this in the Boise State Update article linked here.

What Do Principals Have to Say About Boise State Graduates?

I see confidence. I see preparation. I see focus. I do feel more confident in hiring teachers from Boise State.West Ada Principal
I am thoroughly impressed with Boise State. So many of our teachers came through Boise State and I’ve been nothing but impressed with them. I think that the school as a whole is really doing a nice job of producing quality teachers. In fact, my niece wants to teach and I’m trying to talk her into going to Boise State!Boise Principal
I don’t know that I’ve hired anyone who knew the standards so well already and was able to really do cross-curricular types of lessons. She came in really prepared.Middleton Principal

Graduate Certificate in Teaching – Elementary Pathway Program Details

Program of Study

Elementary Education Graduate Certification Teaching Pathway (PDF) visually represents the requirements for completion of the program, along with a checklist of courses.


Submit a completed Application for Admission to Candidacy Form for a Graduate Certificate and apply for graduation before obtaining the recommendation of the Certification Officer for the Boise State University College of Education (using the required certification materials available in the Office of Teacher Education, 7th floor).

Admission Requirements

The Elementary Education Graduate Certification Teaching Pathway (PDF) document lists both initial admissions requirements as well as requirements for Professional Year (your time out in schools). Note that documentation of ALL initial admissions requirements must be included as attachments in Graduate College application.

In addition to what is listed in the brochure, applicants must complete an Admissions Interview. Once your initial Graduate College Application has been processed, you will be contacted about setting up this interview.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The tables below provide more details about the estimated cost of attendance. A reminder that these are estimates; please check with the Student Financial Services for more detailed information concerning tuition, fees, and financial aid. Learn more about residency requirements using this link to the Office of the Registrar.

Estimated Costs for Pre-Requisite Courses (2018-2019)

CourseCredit HoursCourse Title2018-2019 Cost - Resident2018-2019 Cost - Non-Resident
MATH 1574Numbers and Operations for Teachers$350/cr x 4 cr = $1,400$689/cr x 4 cr = $2,756
EDTECH 2023Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age$350/cr x 3 cr = $1,050$689/cr x 3 cr = $2,067
There are two pre-requisite courses for the Graduate Certificate in Teaching - Elementary Pathway: MATH 157, and EDTECH 202.

Estimated Cost for Endorsement Courses (2018-2019)

Credit HoursState-Required Endorsement (see program coordinator for approved endorsements) 2018-2019 Cost - Resident - Full Time2018-2019 Cost - Resident - Part Time2018-2019 Cost - Non-Resident - Full Time2018-2019 Cost - Non-Resident - Part Time
20-24Courses taken at the undergraduate level (only available for some endorsements)$3847/semester x 2 semesters = $7694$350/credit x 20-24 credits = $7,000-$8,400$11,888/semester x 2 semesters = $23,776$689/credit x 20-24 credits = $13,780-$16,536
20-24Courses taken at the graduate level (only available for some endorsements); these courses may also count for a master's degree program$4597/semester x 2 semesters = $9194$448/credit x 20-24 credits = $8,960-$10,752$12,638/semester x 2 semesters = $25,276$787/credit x 20-24 credits = $15,740-$18,888
The state of Idaho requires that teacher candidates complete one minor elementary-approved endorsement of at least 20 credits; most endorsements are no more than 24 credits. For some, this endorsement may be satisfied by courses taken during their undergraduate degree, requiring no further courses to be taken for an endorsement. Others may have to take a few courses to complete an endorsement, or need to take all the courses required for the endorsement, depending on their undergraduate coursework. This table provides an estimate for those who may have to complete all the courses required for an endorsement. Note that some endorsements are offered at the graduate level while others are offered at the undergraduate level.

Estimated Cost for Core Courses in Graduate Certificate in Teaching - Elementary Pathway (2018-2019)

CourseCredit HoursCourse Title2018-2019 Cost - Resident2018-2019 Cost - Non-Resident
ED-CIFS 5473Measurement and Geometry$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344$787/cr x 3 cr = $2,361
ED-LLC 5503Advanced Content Area Literacy$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344$787/cr x 3 cr = $2,361
TOTAL FOR FALL$2,688$4,722
ED-CIFS 3313Elementary Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction$350/cr x 3 cr = $1,050$689/cr x 3 cr = $2,067
ED-LLC 5493Idaho Comprehensive Literacy$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344$787/cr x 3 cr = $2,361
ED-CIFS 5333Advanced Practices and Principles in Teaching Elementary Science$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344$787/cr x 3 cr = $2,361
TOTAL FOR SPRING$3,738$6,789
(note that non-resident summer rates are lower than academic year rates; based on 2019 summer rates)
ED-CIFS 5073Foundations of American Education$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344
ED-ESP 5103Foundations of Practice$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344$448/cr x 3 cr = $1,344
TOTAL FOR SUMMER$2,688$2,688
ED-CIFS 3293Assessment in Teaching and Learning$350/cr x 3 cr = $1,050$689/cr x 3 cr = $2,067
ED-CIFS 3323Elementary Classroom Learning Environments$350/cr x 3 cr = $1,050$689/cr x 3 cr = $2,067
ED-CIFS 5605Professional Year I - Elementary Teaching Experience$448/cr x 5 cr = $2,240$787/cr x 5 cr = $3,935
ED-CIFS 56712Professional Year II - Elementary Teaching Experience$4,597$12,638
These are the required courses for the Graduate Certificate in Teaching - Elementary Pathway. The course progression and semesters listed in the table serve as an example only; courses prior to the Professional Year may be taken as quickly or as slowly as desired. The Professional Year consists of two consecutive semesters, either Fall-Spring or Spring-Fall.

What Are Our Current Students Saying?

As a Boise State Alumni, I knew the quality of instructors and education that I would receive when I decided to return for my graduate certificate so I could pursue teaching at the K-12 public school level. Since I’m a student who is working in order to pay for school rather than taking out student loans, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to complete this new, condensed program for obtaining a teaching certificate.Shawn Berg
The Graduate Certificate program has been a great choice for me as a working professional with a bachelor’s degree. Professors are passionate, knowledgeable, and vastly experienced educators. Courses have combined case study and field work with in class instruction and discussion. Endorsement course peers are also often current practicing teachers around the valley. I would highly recommend the Graduate Certificate in Teaching program at Boise State as my experience has been both challenging as well as extremely rewarding.Kasey Monteith
I chose Boise State because of the flexibility of the program, availability of courses as well as cost. Other programs in the valley are rigid, planned out for you (without much of your own input) and cost much more. Also, their program is not as structured and accredited as Boise State (I did my homework). II have had exceptional experiences with all of my courses and professors so far at Boise State. Each course is targeted to assist me as a future educator. Every professor I had the privilege to learn from has been inspiring and encouraging.Jamie Breshears

Application Deadline

New cohorts begin every fall and spring. The application deadline is the first Friday in February and the third Friday in September. The next deadline is Friday, September 20th, 2019.