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Educational Leadership Mission

The Boise State University Educational Leadership Program develops leaders who demonstrate the outward capabilities and the inward commitment to create an environment where all can learn to high levels.

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The program is built upon an understanding that Educational Leadership is the privilege to exercise significant and responsible influence. It is a critical intrapersonal and communal process that is transformative on a personal as well as organizational level.

Key Components of the Program

Closed Cohort

The Educational Leadership Program at Boise State uses a closed cohort structure to support the needs of adult learners and to facilitate a collaborative learning environment. In addition, the closed structure fosters a professional learning network that can support aspiring leaders during pre-service preparation and as they transition into leadership roles. Close cohort models also improve academic achievement and increase completion rates.

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Innovative Integrated Curriculum

The program is based on an integrated, standards-based curriculum. Through this integrated approach, students learn about specific aspects of leadership, such as school law and special education, as they learn about broader topics that include system wide improvement of teaching and learning, building positive relationships, addressing social justice, understanding the culture of an organization, and effectively managing change.

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Team teaching and Practitioner input

The Educational Leadership curriculum was developed by a faculty team in consultation with practicing principals and superintendents, and is uniquely organized into five 6-credit modules. The program is structured to bridge theory and practice in three primary ways. First, a student centered pedagogy emphasizes problem-based learning. Second, all Boise State faculty have extensive, recent experience as practitioners. Third, exemplary practicing administrators serve as formal mentors to each cohort, attending all classes throughout the five semesters.