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Grants and Research

The Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunities supports and motivates academic achievement among students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes students from low-income families, students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families, and students who are the first generation in their families to attend college. 

The Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies (CSI & PS) assists educational and public leaders with research and expertise to improve public education in Idaho. The center creates effective partnerships between Boise State University and school districts and communities. The center’s projects total about $5.6 million.

The Idaho Council on Economics Education works to ensure that every Idaho student understands and is able to apply basic economic principles. The Idaho Council goal is for every graduate to be economically literate and to prepare students to become:

  • Responsible citizens
  • Productive members of the workforce
  • Knowledgeable consumers
  • Prudent savers and investors
  • Wise lifelong decision-makers

The Initiative for Healthy Schools conducts research on strategies to improve the physical and social-emotional health of children and adolescents by implementing effective programs in school settings.

The Institute for the Study of Addiction provides information statewide about preventing substance abuse. The institute serves schools, community groups, parents, health care providers, government agencies, businesses, and individuals. The institute also helps professionals gain in skills and knowledge as they seek to advance their careers in substance abuse prevention, addictions treatment, and other addictions fields. The institute is a joint program of the College of Education and the College of Health Sciences.