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Employer satisfaction

Boise State measures the degree to which employers are satisfied with our programs to prepare education professionals to work with P-12 students. The feedback from the employers of our completers helps inform ongoing improvements to our initial certification and advanced educator preparation programs.

The 2017 Employer Survey was shared with employers of our 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 graduates. The survey includes 16 questions that are aligned with the four Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) areas. The results have been collapsed into these four InTASC areas: The Learner and Learning, Content and Pedagogical Knowledge, Instructional Practice and Professional Responsibility. The survey items are evaluated on the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT) scale: Distinguished, Proficient, Basic and Unsatisfactory.

Results from the 2017 Employer Survey indicate employers evaluate the majority of our completers as “Proficient” or “Distinguished” in the four InTASC areas.

Click here to learn more about the employer survey administration and results.

2017 Employer Satisfaction of Initial and Advanced Programs

The Learner and Learning

  • Distinguished (32%)
  • Proficient (52%)
  • Basic (14%)
  • Unsatisfactory (2%)

Content and pedagogical employer chart

Graduates of the Boise State teacher preparation program have been well-prepared to create lessons and units that meet the various needs of all learners.Elementary School Principal

Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

  • Distinguished (37%)
  • Proficient (53%)
  • Basic (10%)
  • Unsatisfactory (0%)

Boise State has done a nice job preparing teachers for their content area. Teachers seem knowledgeable in State Standards, Content Knowledge, and Assessment Needs.Middle School Principal

Instructional Practice

  • Distinguished (34%)
  • Proficient (53%)
  • Basic (11%)
  • Unsatisfactory (0%)

Teachers from Boise State’s program are well-prepared to begin their career in teaching. They are particularly skilled in the area of classroom management and knowledge of content, specifically Reading and Mathematics.Elementary School Principal

Professional Responsibility

  • Distinguished (37%)
  • Proficient (51%)
  • Basic (12%)
  • Unsatisfactory (0%)

I feel like Boise State has actively been trying to improve the teacher prep program and I feel like we are seeing the effects of this improvement as we take on new teachers. The supervision that [completer] received was excellent and really helped her to become a well prepared teacher who is doing very well in her first job.Elementary School Principal