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Alumni satisfaction

Boise State measures the degree to which our alumni are satisfied with our programs to work with P-12 students. The feedback from our alumni helps inform ongoing improvements to our initial certification and advanced educator preparation programs.

The 2017 Alumni Survey was sent to 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 alumni from our initial and advanced programs. The survey includes 16 questions that are aligned with the four Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) areas. The results have been collapsed into these InTASC four areas: The Learner and Learning, Content and Pedagogical Knowledge, Instructional Practice and Professional Responsibility. The survey items are evaluated on the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT) scale: Distinguished, Proficient, Basic and Unsatisfactory.

Results from the 2017 Alumni Survey indicate the majority of our completers consider their preparation to be “Proficient” or “Distinguished” in the four InTASC areas.

Click here to learn more about the alumni survey administration and results.

2017 Alumni Satisfaction of Initial and Advanced Programs

The Learner and Learning

  • Distinguished (31%)
  • Proficient (48%)
  • Basic (18%)
  • Unsatisfactory (4%)

The student teaching and classroom management classes were the most helpful and applicable to teaching in the real world. I was able to learn many of the strategies I use now on a regular basis. Initial Certification, Secondary Education, Mathematics

The teachers/professors were amazing. Very kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about their professions and willing to share. I felt very supported, listened to, and understood throughout the entirety of the program. I respected their approach and feel like I learned a lot just through their actions.Advanced Program, Master of Educational Leadership

Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

  • Distinguished (41%)
  • Proficient (52%)
  • Basic (5%)
  • Unsatisfactory (2%)

Boise State did a great job teaching us about assessment and differentiation. We also learned a great deal about different teaching methods and classroom management methods.Initial Certification, Elementary Education

My communication with students and parents is primarily through digital means. Completing courses online helped to prepare me by giving me an online student perspective. I was also able to explore different online tools that are available, and my ability to learn new programs and tools increased. I also learned some of the differences that exist with online versus brick and mortar education and strategies for teaching in this environment.Advanced Program, K-12 Online Endorsement

Instructional Practice

  • Distinguished (40%)
  • Proficient (50%)
  • Basic (7%)
  • Unsatisfactory (2%)

I felt prepared to enter my classroom with a solid base knowledge of classroom management strategies, and an understanding of elementary content areas that still cross apply to my role as a middle school teacher. The most helpful content area course I took in my undergrad was writing in content areas. The rigorous nature of the professional year definitely prepared me for my first year of teaching. Initial Certification, Elementary Education

I now take pedagogy and design into consideration when selecting and implementing technologies with my students in general and special education environments. The MET program is an effective and rewarding program.Advanced Program, Master of Educational Technology

Professional Responsibility

  • Distinguished (43%)
  • Proficient (47%)
  • Basic (7%)
  • Unsatisfactory (3%)

A major strength was my university liaison. She made us really think about everything we did and pushed us to be our best selves. She fostered a community of learners and a strong collaborative group…she made it so that we looked at everything as a learning opportunity. Without the strong and passionate liaison I know I wouldn’t be nearly as prepared for my first year of teaching.Initial Certification, Special Education

As a charter school director, I really am superintendent of this small district. This EdS provided me with the specific learning I required to be more effective in my role. Advanced Program, Executive Educational Leadership