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Congratulations A. J. Zenkert, 2019 Golden Apple Award Recipient

From left: Julianne Mori, A. J. Zenkert, Claire Oberg

Last night, the Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) presented Golden Apple Awards to thank and honor teachers who have encouraged them and instilled in them a passion for learning.

Following hundreds of nominations from students, Boise State faculty across the university received the prestigious honor of the 2019 award representing their college. Dr. A. J. Zenkert, clinical associate professor in the Curriculum, Instruction, & Foundational Studies department, was nominated by teacher education students Claire Oberg and Julianne Mori.

In her nomination, Julianne wrote:

A. J. is so passionate about the profession of teaching and the teacher candidates at Boise State, that he constantly goes above and beyond to create opportunities, encourage and guide his students, and humbly share his wisdom and experience. A. J. was one of the first staff members I met in the College of Education, and he instantly made me feel welcome. He has continued to support me and my peers, and given us an opportunity to explore our curiosities and learn outside of the classroom. A. J. not only supports us as current students and future teachers, but also as people. He genuinely cares about the people he works with and he shows that everyday by being a mentor, an advocate, and a positive role model.

In her nomination, Claire wrote:

In Spring of 2018 AJ was my professor for ED-CIFS 201..we had an inquiry assignment during the class and from this he has been our advisor on continuing our research, and guiding us to be Teacher Researchers. We have learned how to do research, as well as teaching us the importance of doing research as pre-service teachers. AJ has supported us through every step; conducting our first study, presenting at the BSU Undergrad Research Fair in Spring 2018, furthering our study and presenting as the only undergraduate group at the Association of Teacher Educators national conference in Atlanta, GA (February 17-20 2019).
As advisor of the Teacher Education Ambassadors he has gone above and beyond to support us as student leaders…he encouraged me to become an officer for TEA fall of my freshman year, and has led me to have the comfort and passion for the club as president now. AJ has helped us grow as individuals as well as be an example for having a voice and yet still being humble. My confidence as a future teacher has grown exponentially due to the guidance from AJ.

Congratulations to A. J. and all of the other 2019 Golden Apple Award winners for this important recognition of your time and commitment to the Boise State student community!

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