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Teacher Candidates Share Findings at Fall 2016 Inquiry Fair

Boise State Fall 2016 Inquiry Fair
Boise State intern teachers presented inquiry research findings at the Fall 2016 Inquiry Fair on November 28 at the Student Union Building.

Almost 90 intern teachers studying in elementary and secondary teacher preparation programs presented their findings at the two-hour event.

Examples of presentation titles include:

  • Supporting ELL Newcomers’ Language, Amanda Canan
  • Building Students’ Mathematical Confidence, Jieun Yang
  • Poetry and the Digital Native: Teaching Poetry to 8th Graders in the 21st Century, Adam Nunez
  • Writing Choice and Student Motivation, Victor Olivares
  • Effective Instructional Strategies to Manage Engagement and Behavior, Sierra Larsen

For a full list of presentations, click here for the program.

Boise State Fall 2016 Inquiry Fair

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