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Intern Teachers Host Fall 2016 Differentiation Showcase

Fall 2016 Boise State Differentiation Showcase

Boise State teacher candidates presented instructional strategies at the Fall 2016 Differentiation Showcase on November 18 at the Student Union Building.

The Differentiation Showcase is presented each semester by intern teachers in the ED-CIFS 332 Elementary Classroom Management Skills course as a collaborative project with students from ED-CIFS 329 Assessment in Teaching and Learning.

Intern teachers select a teaching strategy they have learned during their coursework and identify ways to differentiate the strategy in order to meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom.

Teacher candidates from the ED-CIFS 302 Learning and Instruction class also participated in the Showcase. They partnered with the elementary intern teachers and identified technology apps and resources to support the differentiated strategies.

Fall 2016 Boise State Differentiation Showcase
For more pictures from the Showcase, visit the Boise State College of Education Facebook page:

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