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College of Education Centers Celebrate 45 years of Combined Service

Boise State College of Education Centers

This year, the Center for Multicultural Educational Opportunities (CMEO) and the Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies (CSIPS) celebrate 45 years of combined service to students and teachers across Idaho and beyond.

For the past 25 years, the CMEO has served over 20,000 students and received over $42 million in grants. Established in 1991, the CMEO includes 12 federally funded programs that support students from pre-college enrollment to post-secondary graduation. The programs provide a pipeline of support for students from populations of low income and other non-traditional college-attending backgrounds.

The CSI&PS has served 92% of schools in Idaho and has received $62.2 million in grants and contracts. Celebrating 20 years of service this year, the CSI&PS helps to guide networks of school improvement efforts, and provide technical assistance to participating schools and communities.

Click here to learn more about CMEO.

Click here to learn more about CSI&PS.

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