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TRiO Educational Talent Search and TRiO Upward Bound

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    Data Retrieval Tool

    Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to verify your income and wage information

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    TRiO Day at Capital High School

    Students served teachers lunch, ate and discussed the TRiO program

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    Idaho SAT School Day

    The SAT is being administered at your high school!

Centennial Elementary Carnival

TRiO Students – Volunteers are needed for the Centennial Elementary Carnival!

Friday, April 25th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Centennial Elementary School
522 Mason Lane
Nampa, Idaho

To volunteer send an email to with your first/last name and school.

It’s a great opportunity to contribute to the community and gain community service while having fun!

SAT Day At Your School – April 16, 2014

Idaho wants to open doors for you. Thanks to educational sponsorship, the SAT — the most widely used college entrance exam — is being given for free to all public school Idaho juniors as part of the Idaho SAT School Day initiative. Even better, juniors have the opportunity to take the SAT during the regular school day at their own high school. The Idaho SAT School Day test date is Wednesday, April 16, 2013.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

TRiO Day at Capital HS

Photo of TRiO Students at Captial High School

Students getting ready to serve their teachers

On March 11th, Capital High TRiO Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search students took the day to appreciate the faculty and staff of Capital. Students served teachers lunch, ate and discussed the TRiO program and how it has impacted their lives. In total 125 Capital faculty and staff were invited and attended this awesome TRiO day! Way to serve and give back!

We are Capital TRiO proud!!

9th Grade Counts! Reviewing Transcripts and Cumulative GPA

Photo of teacher and student

Julie Netz , Edcuaitonal Specilasit at South Junior High and a 9th grader, review her transcript together in the program office.

TRiO Educational Specialist meet with students to review their grades on their transcript.  A student’s cumulative (Cum.) GPA begins with their semester grade from classes starting in 9th  grade.  The Cumulative GPA is an average of all the semester grades a student earns from 9th -12th grade.   When a student applies for admission to a college, the college will require that the student also send a transcript.

Additionally, some scholarship applications also require a student to send their transcript.  The highest GPA a student can earn is usually a 4.0, which amounts to A’s in every class throughout their high school years.  While it is important to get good grades,  students must also challenge themselves and take rigorous college preparatory classes to be ready for college and the college admissions tests.  For more information about your transcript and GPA visit with your TRiO Educational Specialist.

Applied for FAFSA? Don’t Forget to Verify

After you’ve finished applying for Federal Student Aid, don’t forget to verify your information. To help you with this, the IRS has created a tool to verify your income and wage information. By using this tool, you can complete the FAFSA more easily and accurately, increase accuracy in awarding financial aid funds, and, if selected for verification, you can use the tool to update your income information.

View the following slideshow to get more information about the tool and receive instruction on how to use the tool: FAFSA-IRS Data Retrieval Tool