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Field Experiences

For Information or questions regarding school placements contact:

Elementary, Bilingual, Early Childhood, Special EdLori Pierce-Frenchlfrench@boisestate.eduEducation Building, Room 722426-1528
Secondary (including Art, Music & PE)Shannon McCormicksmccorm@boisestate.eduEducation Building, Room 722426-2756

Candidate Field Experience Handbooks and/or Field GuidesEach of the field experiences connected to specific teacher education programs is listed below.  Linked to each course is the handbook or field guide for its corresponding field experience.

Lower Division CoursesED-BLESL 200 – Cultural Diversity in the SchoolED-CIFS 231 – Teaching and Learning in Elementary SchoolsED-ECS 221 – Foundations of Professional PracticesED-SPED 250 – Exceptionality in the School

Upper Division CoursesED-ECS 322 – Kindergarten ProgramsED-CIFS 301 – Teaching Experience 1 (Secondary Block I)ED-LTCY 340 – Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course  

Professional Year CoursesED-BLESL 460 – Professional Year I (Bilingual Ed)ED-CIFS 401 – Teaching Experience II (Secondary Block 2)ED-CIFS 459 – Professional Year I (SpEd Option 1)ED-CIFS 460 – Professional Year I (Elementary Ed)ED-CIFS 561 – Professional Year – Teaching Experience I (Graduate Certificate)

Student Teaching CoursesBilingual (includes courses ED-BLESL 461/462)Early ChildhoodED-ECS 462 (Primary Grades)ED-ECS 463 (PreSchool Programs)ED-ECS 464 (Natural Environments)Elementary (includes courses ED-CIFS 461/465/466)Graduate Certificate (includes courses ED-CIFS 562/563/564/565/566)Secondary ART majors (includes courses ED-CIFS 481/482/483)Secondary (includes courses ED-CIFS 484/485)Special Education (includes courses ED-SPED 467/468) 

Counselor Education Handbook/Field Guide