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Application Information

Effective August 8, 2014, applications will be submitted in the form of a Directed Response Portfolio (DRF) through Taskstream.  For instructions on accessing the Taskstream system to submit your application (DRF) for Teacher Education or the Professional Year, click HERE.  The application deadline for Teacher Education and Professional Year applications for Spring 2015 admission is Friday September 19, 2014 by 5:00 pm.

The following is a list of required materials for the Teacher Education application.  These admissions materials will be submitted electronically through Taskstream.  To access the Taskstream system, click HERE.

If you have questions on the Taskstream system or application, there will be a student information session on Tuesday, September 9th at 9:00 am in the Student Union Building – Jordan A Ballroom.  To access the applications for Teacher Education and Professional Year through Taskstream, click HERE.

Before students may take upper-division education courses, students must apply to be admitted into teacher education and to advance through the program, students must then apply for admission to the professional year. Applications are accepted twice per year.  All applications for admission to teacher education or advancement into the professional year are due for FALL SEMESTER: First Friday in February and for SPRING SEMESTER: Third Friday in September.  Note: Students applying for the Secondary Education Graduate Certification Program (which begins in the summer semester) are required to apply in February.  Applications for Teacher Education & the Professional Year are only available on this page during specific windows of time (August/September and January/February).  Students must meet required admission criteria (gpa, coursework, test scores, etc.) to be considered for admission.  Please DO NOT submit any appeals along with your application – it may be overlooked or inadvertently discarded.

The following items/materials are required to be included with the application into teacher education (these materials are NOT required for Professional Year applications):

1) Letter of application – Addressed to the Teacher Education Program Admissions Committee, describing:

  • your professional experiences relevant to a school teaching program
  • reasons for interest in the program, including strengths you bring and perspectives about the role of the teacher and the contributions you hope to make as a teacher
  • career goals

2) Current resume – if you need assistance creating or updating your resume, please contact the career center

3) Two Professional Reference Forms – Starting this semester, reference forms will be submitted electronically – you will submit your reference names and email addresses in Taskstream.  The Office of Teacher Education will then email your references an electronic reference form to complete on your behalf.  To view the form: Click here to view reference form.  Please do not have your references fill out a paper form – they will need to do so electronically.  If you have a faculty member fill out these forms, you do not require item 4 below.

4) Faculty Names – You will need to provide two names of BSU faculty members who have consented to support your application

5) Praxis 1 test(s) scoresheet – The Praxis 1 Writing/Core Academic Skills for Educators test is required for all teacher education students.  In addition, the Praxis 1 Math/Core Academic Skills for Educators test is required for all Elementary, Bilingual, Early Childhood, and Special Education students.  The test(s) must be completed/passed PRIOR to applying for the teacher education program.

*Note – The Praxis I test was recently (as of 9/1/14) changed to the Core Academic Skills for Educators test.  For this application, we will accept either the “old” Praxis I test or the “new” Core Academic Skills for Educators test.

6) If you meet all admission requirements (coursework, GPA, test scores, etc.), you will be invited to participate in a structured interview with members of the Teacher Education Program Admissions Committee.  You will be contacted via email to set up your interview date/time.  You will also be notified of the Committee’s decision through BSU email.  For more information regarding the interview process, please see our interview information page.