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Literacy Lab

                              The Literacy Center at Boise State University

                               Literacy Tutoring for Students K-12                                                                            

About: The Literacy Lab is a one-on-one tutorial. Our goal is to create “just right” conditions to help K-12th grade students gain independence and confidence in their literacy skills while also improving their overall literacy. We do not teach to tests, but try to do the ground work that will allow your student to be successful in all literacy tasks.

To do so we identify: Instructional reading level

  • Instructional reading level 
  • Literacy strengths and weaknesses 
  • Books and materials that appeal to the individual reader 
  • Optimal teaching/learning strategies 
  • Findings are summarized in a final report

When: Mondays and Wednesdays, February 24th – May 14th (FULL)


            Tuesdays and Thursdays, February 25th – May 8th (FULL)

Time: 4:30 – 5:30

Cost: $150

Where: Boise State University, Education Building, 5th floor



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