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Program Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies is an interdisplinary program offered by the College of Education’s Master of Arts in Counseling program (MC),  the College of Health Sciences’ Master of Health Sciences Program (MHS), and the College of Social Science and Public Affairs’ Master of Social Work Program (MSW). The certificate program is administered by the Graduate Coordinators from the MC, MHS, and MSW programs in conjunction with the Center for Study of Aging.


The program leading to the Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies is of primary relevance to students interested in the following occupations (Standard Occupational Classification code in parentheses):  Counselors, All Other (21-1019), Social Workers, All Other (21-1029), Community and Social Service Specialists, All Other (21-1099), and Home Health Aides (31-1011).  Information on SOC-coded occupations is available at and subsidiary links.  The normal time to complete the certificate requirements is 2 years, the tuition and fees for normal time completion are estimated to be $5,616 (part-time status), and the typical cost for books and supplies not included in tuition and fees is estimated to be $900.  It is very important that interested students consult the graduate program coordinator for clarification of this information, especially the role of the certificate in preparing individuals for employment in specific occupations.



Program Coordinators:

Dr. Bobbie Birdsall, Counselor Education Department

Dr. Theodore McDonald, Masters of Health Sciences Department

Dr. Denice Liley, School of Social Work