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Faculty and Staff






Dr. Diana Doumas Department Chair, Professor 208-426-2646 E-610
Dr. Aida Midgett Associate Chair, Associate Professor 208-426-1214 E-614
Dr. Raissa Miller Assistant Professor 208-426-1307 E-613
Dr. Bobbie Birdsall Associate Professor 208-426-3204 E-611
Dr. April Schottelkorb Associate Professor 208-426-1209 E-612
Kristin Batten Administrative Assistant 208-426-1219 E-643
Not active during summer semester Graduate Assistants 208-426-1219 E-638A

To arrange a meeting, receive more information about the program and/or application process, or for any questions, please contact the Graduate Assistants (Sarah Lyter or Kristen Shearer) or Kristin Batten (Administrative Assistant) to be directed to the appropriate person/faculty.