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Nomination Forms for 2013

Nominations for 2013 Mentors of the Year awards will be accepted between June 21st and July 31st. Educators, school administrators, university supervisors, pre-service teachers, and intern counselors from the more than 50 public school districts in southwest Idaho nominated teachers/counselors for a Mentors of the Year Award.

Making a nomination includes submitting the following information:

1. Nominee Information:

Nominee’s name, teaching/counseling background, including total years teaching/counseling and years in present position (Please include the school they work at, their principal and contact information for them as well.). We also ask for the nominee’s summer phone number (home or cell) as well as a good email address. We will only use the number for notification purposes if your nominee is selected for a Mentors of the Year award.

2. Nominator’s Narrative:
In 500 words or less, describe how the teacher/counselor you are nominating serves as an outstanding mentor (to you, to a fellow educator, and/or to a pre-service teacher/intern counselor) and why he or she deserves a Mentors of the Year award. Please consider giving evidence of (a) the nominee’s commitment to supporting and sustaining his/her mentee’s professional growth, (b) specific skills the nominee uses for successful mentoring, and (c) how the nominee builds and maintains a positive relationship with mentee.  (Having this narrative ready to copy and paste will help you immensely during the online nomination process!)

3. Letter of Support: 
Have someone other than the nominator write a letter of support.  In 500 words or less, please provide a letter of support for the nominee, commenting on the nominee’s impact as a mentor. Please consider addressing any of the following:

a) The nominee’s commitment to supporting and sustaining his/her mentee’s professional growth;

b) Specific skills the nominee uses for successful mentoring;

c) Nominee’s commitment to his/her own professional growth and/or commitment to the mentoring process;

d) Nominee’s building and maintaining positive relations.

This letter can be from any one of the following: superintendent, principal, administrator, colleague, intern counselor, preservice teacher, parent, or student.  Please make sure they include Nominee’s full name and current school.


Please have all the information ready and go to these links to send in your nomination:

For Teacher:
For Counselor:
For Letter of Support: