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Celebrate excellence by nominating outstanding teachers and counselors who mentor

The Celebration of Teaching—Mentors of the Year Awards program recognizes excellent teachers and school counselors who mentor in southwest Idaho public schools. Each year the awards program honors up to 25 teachers and school counselors who guide, support and encourage fellow educators in their pursuit of effective teaching/counseling and professional growth. The 2013 selected mentors will be honored at a signature celebration on Thursday, October 17, 2013.

The awards program is a joint project of Boise State University and its partners, including the Idaho State Department of Education, Idaho Education AssociationMeridian School District, and Blaine County School District. It was initiated in 2011. Teachers selected as the 2012 Mentors of the Year were honored at a September Celebration of Teaching dinner and awards ceremony at the Boise State Stueckle Sky Center. Highlights of the evening included Mentors of the Year getting to meet one another and an inspirational keynote address from Channel 7’s Dee Sarton.

“Excellent mentors are outstanding teachers,” said Diane Boothe, Dean of the Boise State College of Education. “We aspire to recognize those teachers who are not only an inspiration in the classroom, but are also models of quality practices and inspirational leadership among their colleagues. These excellent mentors provide the spark that drives learning and innovation among students and teachers. They represent the best of our profession.”

“By bringing mentors together, we highlight their quality teaching/counseling practices, mentoring skills, and abilities to build positive relationships and provide encouragement,” said Barbara Morgan, Distinguished Educator in Residence at Boise State.

Educators, school administrators, university supervisors, pre-service teachers, and intern counselors from the more than 50 public school districts in southwest Idaho may nominate teachers/counselors for a Mentors of the Year Award. Up to 25 teacher/counselor mentors will be selected for this honor by a distinguished panel consisting of area educators and Boise State University representatives.

For any questions, you may contact the Boise State College of Education by telephone at  208-426-1731