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College’s programs connect students with the world

College’s programs connect students with the world

Boise State and the College of Education primarily serve students from Idaho and the Northwest. But we perform on a global stage. Even if our gradu¬ates never roam far from this region, they are increasingly connected through the Internet and electronic devices to other parts of the world at their schools, offices, markets and homes.

Providing our students an international perspec¬tive is an important educational priority. The college continues to expand its global footprint and has been strengthening its international educational relations with Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and other countries. This leadership provides students with opportunities that can’t be matched anywhere else.

This summer, students studying education around the world. The Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies is offering of three exciting field studies that include England and Scotland, Japan and Belize. The Department of Literacy also is offering a study of Korean culture. Here is a look at what is taking place:

Focus on education in England and Scotland: From June 7-16 participants are focusing on educational leadership, teaching and culture within elementary and secondary schools in England and Scotland. Participants are forming new relationships with teachers, principals, students and educators in English and Scottish communities.

Studying Japan’s exemplary system of education: This 10-day field study from June 14-24 is looking into Japanese culture and its internationally recognized K-12 educational system. This study provides a revealing study into an exemplary system of education.

A glimpse at culture and education: This 10-day journey from June 20 to July 1 provides a unique glimpse into the relationship between culture and education in Belize. Belize is one of Central America’s most culturally and linguistically diverse countries.

Explore Korean culture: Boise State’s partnership with Chonbuk National University in Korea has opened opportunities for educators to learn and work in the Land of the Morning Calm. A Literacy course this summer, from June 30 to July 21, takes participants to Korea to explore its culture through interactive mini-lectures.

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