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Second annual awards program to recognize outstanding teachers, counselors who mentor

Want to take teacher appreciation to the next level?

Nominate a great teacher or school counselor, who also is an outstanding mentor to his or her fellow educators, for a 2012 Celebration of Teaching—Mentors of the Year Award.

Southwest Idaho public school teachers and counselors who mentor will be honored at the second annual Celebration of Teaching—Mentors of the Year Awards Program on Sept. 27. The program will recognize up to 25 excellent teachers and school counselors from among more than 50 public school districts.

The awards honor teachers and counselors who guide, support and encourage fellow educators in their pursuit of effective teaching and professional growth. Teachers and counselors selected for the awards will be honored at a Sept. 27 Celebration of Teaching dinner and awards ceremony at Boise State.

Excellent mentors provide the spark that drives learning and innovation among students and teachers. They represent the best of our profession.

Educators, school administrators, university supervisors, pre-service teachers and intern counselors from public school districts in southwest Idaho may nominate teachers and counselors for Mentors of the Year Awards. The deadline for nominations is June 22.

More information and the nomination form are available online.

For any questions, contact the College of Education at 208-426-1611 or 208-426-4857.

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