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Magazine hails the leadership of EdTech department in quest-based education

Magazine hails the leadership of EdTech department in quest-based education

An online article by Chief Learning Officer magazine hails the leadership of Boise State’s Department of Educational Technology (EdTech) in quest-based education. Titled “3D GameLab Takes Learners on ‘Quests,’” the article reports

Lisa Dawley

that “there is something fascinating going on” at Boise State and EdTech. What is fascinating is the online 3D GameLab platform that is shifting the thinking about learning.

Ed Tech professor Lisa Dawley and special lecturer Chris Haskell developed 3D GameLab to help teachers turn their classrooms into a living adventure that challenges students with motivating quests, engaging projects, exciting games and interesting activities.

Chris Haskell

“With 3D GameLab teachers can tie innovative learning activities to the educational standards they want to achieve,” Dawley said. “The lab allows teachers to create an exciting personalized curriculum of quests that provide students choices based on their interests. Teachers are reporting significantly higher levels of student engagement during and after school, higher overall course grades and persistence with the quests even after the class is ‘won.’”

In March, 3D GameLab won a $150,000 award in the national Digital Media and Learning Badges for Life Competition. The 3D GameLab also earned a place in the 2012 Horizon Report, which predicts trends over the next five years in educational technology in higher education.

Chief Learning Officer magazine and online publications report on the rapidly growing industry of workforce learning and development.

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