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Community benefits from research projects

Community benefits from research projects

The College of Education is dedicated to improving teaching and learning, but we are also committed to serving the many communities of which we are a part.

Our research centers and projects work directly with schools and businesses to advance innovations in literacy, teaching, counseling, educational leadership, educational technology and health and human performance.

Below are just a few examples of our work with the wider community outside of the Boise State University campus.

Innovative Math Teaching

The Developing Mathematical Thinking (DMT) project is showing teachers in the Treasure Valley innovative ways to teach math. This helped elementary and middle school students increase their scores on standardized math tests. The scores were much higher than gains made statewide. The DMT project is housed in the Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies.

Health and Human Performance Research

Hands-on research at the Center for Orthopaedic and Biomechanics Research (COBR) is spurring economic growth, adding value to students’ education, and improving the quality of life of our citizens. Among critical projects at the center, researchers are studying risk factors for stress fractures by military personnel.

COBR is a partnership between the College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology and the College of Engineering’s Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

Support for Special Education Teachers

Our Technology Accentuated Transformative Education for Rural Specialists, or TATERS, program, in partnership with the Idaho State Department of Education, helped to establish the Idaho Special Education Mentor Network. The network helps to support Idaho’s newly certified special education teachers. The TATERS program is based in the Department of Special Education and Early Childhood Studies.

Resource Network

Nearly three out of every four Idaho school districts benefit from the free service offered by the Idaho Regional Alcohol Drug Awareness Resource (RADAR) Center. The center serves as a statewide clearinghouse for information about the prevention and treatment of substance abuse disorders. The center is managed by the Institute for the Study of Addiction and is a joint program of the College of Education and the College of Health Sciences.

Rural Literacy Project

Our Department of Literacy helped turn a low-performing Wilder School District elementary school into a dramatically improved model school through raising reading and language arts scores. Between 2009 and 2010, reading test scores improved by 23 percent, and the language arts scores were up 30 percent. Instead of serving as an example of a program in trouble, Wilder is now an excellent model for improving student achievement.

Economic Education

Through our support of the Idaho Council on Economic Education we are spreading knowledge of the free market from Idaho to China. The Idaho Council regularly presents teacher training workshops. The Idaho Council is housed at Boise State under the support of both the College of Education and the College of Business and Economics.

Have you worked with one of these centers or programs in our community? We would be interested in learning about your project.

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