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Dean’s Blog – The Professional Educator

Dean’s Blog – The Professional Educator

The Professional Educator

Dean’s blog an open forum on education

Welcome to the launch of The Professional Educator blog!

This blog is part of our effort at the College of Education to make our website more useful to our many friends, supporters and alumni. This form of publishing allows us to replace the long-standing Dean’s Message with more immediate, interactive and up-to-date messages.

Similar to a broadcast anchorperson, I plan to present a program of blog posts that will hold your interest and attract as many readers as possible. As the anchor, a fair number of posts will come from me. But also like an anchor, I will invite guests, who will create their own posts. Blogging on the Professional Educator allows me to:

  • Share my vision for the Boise State College of Education.
  • Present an open forum on timely and relevant topics in education.
  • Seek your thoughts and comments about education issues.
  • Start engaging discussions that contribute solutions to our common problems.
  • Connect directly with and give a voice to parents, students, teaching professionals, and others in the community interested in teaching and learning.
  • Tell stories that inspire, entertain, and amuse.
  • Invite College of Education professionals and other guests to take turns with engaging posts.
  • Bring positive attention to educators and education.
  • Make the sound, cutting-edge work we do in our College of Education more visible to our community.
  • Learn from you.

I will endeavor to keep my posts brief, clear and concise. Readers are invited to comment on my posts, others’ posts or propose their own posts.

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