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Graduate Program

Idaho has a large population of Latina/o children who are part of the public school system. Most of them are taught by wonderful, well-meaning teachers who have little or no training or coursework in teaching children bilingually or in English as a Second Language.

The program offers a ME.d. in Bilingual Education (Spanish-English) and ME.d. in English as a New Language.  It’s purpose is to provide additional training in the form of a Master of Education degree for teachers who work with, or are preparing to work with, English language learners.

Apply on-line through the Boise State Graduate College.  

Once all of these materials are received by the Bilingual Education department.  The Graduate Program Coordinator will review your application and then recommend to the Graduate Dean to admit with regular status, provisional status, or deny admission.

PLEASE NOTE: Classes are offered on a 5 year rotation. The class schedule for each semester is available on on-line through the Registrar’s Office.

All classes are taught at the Meridian site for 3 weekends (Friday evenings and Saturday).  The current cost is $329 per credit.  Fees for this program are on a per class basis.

Deadlines for Graduate Students:  The final source for all deadlines and most current information for the university is on-line

Forms and graduation process available at

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate College at 208-426-3903 or toll-free at 1-800-824-7017. Office hours are 8-5, Monday-Friday. The Graduate Admissions office is located in the Business building in room 307.